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Hi, I’m Sheena! I believe that you have more opportunities for continuous financial flow than you can see right now. I am on a mission to help 1,000 businesses find their missing million. Are you one of them?

After years in various high-pressure, low-support corporate positions I was burnt out. So, I started my own company.

Over the last two years, I have grown a successful digital launch agency - and made over $250,000 for my own business. It was awesome until I realized I was working 80+ hours again, always "on", and not aligned with the core reasons why I started my own business. 

So, I stopped it all to find more alignment and piece in my own business and life. In this pause came the most powerful, unique, and aligned assessment for business owners to create more alignment and financial flow in their business. 

You Deserve Better

The truth is, most businesses are focused on the WRONG areas of business success. I have worked with countless owners who believed that all of their problems would be solved with more leads. To be honest, fancy marketing and branding won't sell your offer. Similar to fad diets not helping you sustain weight loss, you must get to the root of the actual problems, and fix them from the core. 

The Business Body Scan TM helps to identify the actual areas needed to grow and sustain powerful businesses. 

I have spent years learning, so you

don't have to...

With a Master's Degree in Education, a Bachelor's in Psychology and numerous certifications from Breathwork to Sales Psychology, I have spent the better half of the last two decades in learning mode. Studying the most successful (and unsuccessful) businesses to uncover what actually works and doesn't work in business. 

And, the truth is it always comes down to six clearly defined areas that all of the businesses I have studied and worked with are missing (or can improve on) to truly achieve lasting success. These six KEY areas of business success are the DNA of any successful business. Regardless of where you are at - if you are just starting or scaling to 8-figures, without each of these working in unison, there are bound to be areas for improvement in your business. 

I have been told a number of times in a number of ways that I am a genius... but the truth is, I am just too curious to stop figuring out solutions to my own and other business owner's problems. 

My Methods

Find the missing million(s)

in your business.

The Business Body Scan and other programs will help you find the real areas of growth potential in your business. It's time for you to stop band-aiding the bullet holes in the business you love, and start creating more, sustainable financial flow. 

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I'm Ready for Six Figures

Business Body Scan


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